Just like the tortoise and the hare….slow but sure wins the race!  The Verona Senior Center is slowly and cautiously expanding our in-house activities.  Every month, make sure you are checking the “Activities” for events that are taking place in-house as well as virtually.   If you have any questions, please call us at 846-7471. (updated 7/13/2021)


Case managers will remain in contact with their clients via phone and ensure that their needs are being met.

If you need assistance, please contact the Senior Center staff at 608-845-7471.

Updates will be placed on the Friends of the Senior Center website https://friendsofveronaseniorcenter.org and our Facebook page. (Email received 8:18 PM 3/13/2020)


While we are still being “cautious,” Andy and Alasa have been busy making available content on YouTube.  Two locations you should check out is Verona Senior Center videos and Verona Historical Society videos.

Check the schedule & register for events: Click:  Schedules Plus Web Site


The Verona Senior Center provides a large collection of activities based on a wide selection of interests.

3/17/20 – If you are in need of assistive equipment from our Loan Closet, please call us at 608-845-7471. 


We are not taking donations at this time. Please do not leave items outside of the senior center.


In our attempt to keep the higher-risk population that we serve healthy and avoid exposure to the COVID-19 virus the Senior Center will closed to the public until further notice. Case managers will remain in contact with their clients via phone and ensure that their needs are being met.  If you need assistance please contact the Senior Center staff at 608-845-7471.  Updates will be place on the Friends of the website https://friendsofveronaseniorcenter.org/ and our Facebook page.

Thank you!



Information and Assistance for Seniors, their families and Caregivers.


Click tab “Senior Center Services” to learn more!


We are eager to hear from you. Is there an activity or program that you think would be of interest to Friends of Verona Senior Center or Senior Center participants? Let a Board or staff member know, or click on the “contact” tab on the website and send us a note.

Use the Senior Center Kiosk to view the active calendar and sign up for scheduled events:

Click here to go to the Kiosk.