Friends of Verona Senior Center Board of Directors

Friends of Verona Senior Center

Board Updates


Pat Eggen, President/Treasurer


Linda Kaiser, Vice President/Secretary

Rich Bartlett


Louis Eifert

Alyce Kocal


Nancy Mendoza

Judy Zirkel

If you would like to contact a Board Member, please call the Senior Center at 845-7471 or contact by email:


The Friends of Verona Senior Center raise funds to support the programs and services of the Verona Senior Center. They provide on-going financial support for music at the birthday-anniversary party, food for special events, Veterans Group, Caregivers’ group, Parkinson’s group and exercise equipment needs. Thank you!

New Year – 2022


Fundraisers we have held so far this year include:


“Super Bowl Warm Up Stew” Drive-up dinner on February 11

 Brats in the Lot at Miller’s

 Salad Potluck with Bahama Bob Entertainment


Events we have sponsored at the Senior Center so far this year:

Tom Kastle                                         $150

Scott Archer                                        $75

Mike McCloskey                                $125

Larry Scheckel                                   $150

Jessica Michna                                  $185

Larry Scheckel                                   $150

Four Seasons Theater                      $175

Bill & Bonnie Stevens                      $100

Bob Milan                                           $175

Galen Metz                                         $150

Scott Archer                                       $150


Upcoming events from the Board:

          Pig Roast w/Tony Rocker



Watch the Chronicle for details for our fundraising Board Events.

How can we improve our Senior Center as a place of interest, fun, learning & caring?


We want the people who enjoy our center and those of the Verona community to be a part of its future, so we are inviting you to bring your excitement, enthusiasm and ideas as a member of  Friends of Verona Senior Center Board of Directors!!  If you are interested, please contact the Senior Center at 608-845-7471.


Gifts & Memorial Donations


Helping Hands Fund – with your donation, you can help Verona seniors with emergency needs that they are unable to provide themselves or obtain through other community resources.


Remembrance Gifts – Please consider a gift in remembrance of a loved one in lieu of flowers at a memorial service or a will bequest to the Helping Hands Fund – Verona Senior Center.  For a memorial or donation of $100 or more, you may request your own plaque honoring your loved one or yourself.  Please make your plaque request at the time of your donation.


The Board gladly accepts donations for specific groups such as Club 108, Caregivers, etc.



“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” …  Kathy Calvin