To the right is a tutorial to sign up for an event online.


I recommend making some adjustments when viewing the tutorial.


      1. Click on the Gear icon near the top and select the view option on the left for vertical scrolling
      2. Click on the 4 arrows to expand the view to full screen.
      3. Scroll up and down to view the steps
      4. To get out just click on the 4 arrows again.


You can always call, (608) 845-7471, the Senior Center front desk to sign up.


Directly below is the link to find out if your event is available for online signup and to sign up if the event has seats available.


Another tip:  Right Click on the link below and select to open Schedules Plus in a new tab or a new windows.  This makes it easier to return to this web page.

Click here to check out the Schedules Plus Web Site
(Not all functions are active, but the daily activity schedule is current.)

The Verona Senior Center provides a large collection of activities based on a wide selection of interests.


Click here for the Chronicle Monthly Activity Calendar