Updated 12/28/2021

We are showing movies once again.  If you wish to attend a movie, you will need to call the Senior Center and reserve a spot.   We also encourage you to wear your mask.

Please see movies below for starting times!!!!


NEW IN 2022!!     

Did you miss the movie? Join us for Friday replays!  Each movies’ replay date is shown below with their description and original show dates!

Movies will be shown in the Fireside Room.


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Grumpy Old Men (L)


Wednesday, February 2
12 PM


Two elderly, eccentric, next-door neighbors sustain a rancorous relationship that only a wise observer could recognize as a very special friendship. When a lonely, flamboyant, middle-aged widow moves in across the street from them, the male rivalry begins.

   Missed the movie?     Join us for Friday replays!

Grumpy Old Men (L)
February 4 – 10 AM

Movies will be shown in
the Fireside Room.

Grumpier Old Men (L)


Wednesday, February 16
12 PM


The only joy Max claims is left in his life is fishing, but that might change with the new owner of the bait shop.


    Missed the movie?       Join us for Friday replays!


Grumpier Old Men (L)
February 18 – 10 AM

Movies will be shown in
the Fireside Room.

“Vet Themed Movie”


The Tuskegee Airmen (L)

Thursday,  February 17

1:30 PM


The ‘fighting 99th’ was the first squadron of African-American U.S. Army Air Corps combat fighter pilots in WWII. When they began training, few, if any, in the Army wanted them there. They had to prove that they were stronger, tougher, smarter and better fliers than most white pilots…and they did! Laurence Fishburne stars in this high-flying drama as a Chicago law-school graduate whose determination to serve his country led him to intense training in Tuskegee, Alabama…and into action in the dangerous skies over North Africa and Europe.

Great Courses: DVD Series

Beginning Monday, January 24

If you are interested in participating, please sign up online or call 608-845-7471.

2 – 3:30 PM (L)
Physiology & Fitness

In Physiology and Fitness, you’ll investigate the fundamental health-related components of fitness, comprising cardiovascular capability, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Using vivid diagrams and animations, Hodgkin leads you on a compelling discovery of the science involved, including these vital subjects:


· Cardiovascular system                                                       Science of Stretching

· Muscular system                                                                  Authentic Laws of Weight Loss

· Spinal engineering                                                              Countering the Aging Process