Updated 9/24/2019

We will be showing movies again beginning in February.  If you wish to attend a movie, you will need to call the Senior Center and reserve a spot.   We also encourage you to wear your mask.

Please see movie below for starting times!!!!

All films are purchased through The synopses for films are provided by VUDU

News of the World

April 7 – 12 PM


In the 1870s, an elderly, lonely ex-Captain from the Civil War is paid to transport a ten year old girl who was kidnapped by Native Americans back home
to her family.

The War with Grandpa


April 21 – 12 PM


In this star-studded comedy, young Peter is not too pleased when his mom makes him give up his beloved bedroom to accommodate Grandpa.

New Great Courses: DVD Series!
Starting Monday, April 12, 2 – 3:30 PM


The Philosophy of Humor



In 24 insightful, informative, illuminating, and (yes) humorous lectures, Professor Steven Gimbel of Gettysburg College will take you through the philosophical theories and explanations of humor, from blatantly obvious puns to complex narratives to sly twists of language. This series will run until June 7. You may sign up for the whole series or drop in if seats are available