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Rendever Virtual Reality Tours

updated 4/14/2019


Come and take a virtual reality tour with us!
Sign up at the Senior Center or by calling 845-7471.
This program is limited to 6 participants at a time. Bring your grandchildren!!!!

Want to come in and do your own VR Tour?
We would love to help you with this!
Stop by anytime between 9-3 to use our VR equipment FREE of charge!



May 2019


Come and take a virtual reality tour with us!

  • Fridays:  May 24 and 31
  • Time: 10:30 – 11:15 AM
  • Please sign up at the Senior Center by calling 845-7471.
  • This program is limited to 6 travelers each time.


May 24: Great American Road Trip #1

We will start off this road trip and travel to Hawaii, Connecticut, Delaware, and Alaska. There will be an informative guided tour.


May 31: Great American Road Trip #2

For trip number two we will head to Colorado, Alabama, Arizona, and California. There will be an informative guided tour.



April  2019


Explore the World from the Senior Center!

Come and take a virtual reality tour with us!

Call 845-7471 to set up an appointment or stop in and we will show you how to do your own self-guided tour!



March 2019


March 1: Let’s go to the Beach

We will start off visiting the Maui Oceanscapes, then we will view a sunrise on the Algarve Coast. From there we will relax on a Costa Rican Beach, and end with a visit to a private island.


For this tour we will visit the inside of an Airshow Plane and get a tour of a Luxury Jet Airliner. Then we will head out on the water and see some Warships, an HMS Cavalier, and watch a LCS-15 Boat launch.



February 2019


We will visit the

  • wild African animals,
  • relax with the seals,
  • swim with the whale sharks,
  • feed a sloth,
  • visit the gators in the Everglades,
  • see a few 3D animals, and
  • end with a box of kittens. (no you can’t take them home with you ha ha)


Let’s take a tour of

  • Mount of Olives,
  • the Church of all nations,
  • visit Golgotha, and
  • go to the Garden of the Gods.
  • If there is still time we will travel to Rome and Ancient Egypt.



January 2019 

Explore Places Around the World – We will visit the 9/11 Memorial, Fractal Landscapes, Museum of Natural History, Grand Canyon, Mission to Jupiter, and end with a balloon popping game!

More VR Adventures – Let’s go for a ride on a motorcycle! We will also take a tour of Dubai on a helicopter, and explore the Red Sea. We will end our VR trip with Sky Diving in Brazil and Skiing in the Rockies!

Nature at its Finest – Let’s view a sunrise at Algarve Coast, take a bit of a wet tour of Cave of the Winds, and go to the Maui Landscapes. We will end the tour by viewing a Total Solar Eclipse, and a beautiful time-lapse of the stars.


December 2018

updated 11/14/18

December 14: VR Adventures
VR Rollercoaster Ride, rowing down the river, skiing in the Rockies, camel ride in the Sahara, and a balloon popping game!

December 28: Animals around the World
Walk with the Penguins, animals in the West, wild elephants, kissed by a gorilla, box of kittens, swim with the dolphins, and a balloon popping game!



Computer technology can create the simulated environment of your dreams. We will guide through an immersive 360-degree virtual reality experience.

Please sign up on one of the above dates and try them out. It’s fun to get a group together and share the experience of virtual reality together. Sign up at the Senior Center 845-7471. This program is limited to 6 participants at a time.

If you would like to schedule a different time, please call 845-7471 to make an appointment!

  • Plus…)


Posted 5/17/2018, Updated 6/18/2018

While the programs change constantly, some of the places currently on Rendever include:

  • Walk with Penguins
  • Surrounded by Wild Elephants
  • Air Show Plane Ride
  • Machu Picchu
  • Greenland
  • Battle Ship from WWII
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • (Plus…)


New Program Coming Soon!!!! 

Have you ever wanted to see the ruins of Rome, the Eiffel Tower or visit the Smithsonian? Maybe you’d like to stand by the ocean, go on safari or walk down the street you grew up on. At the Verona Senior Center this is now virtually possible. The Friends of Verona Senior Center Board & the City of Verona have made funding possible, making us the first senior center in Wisconsin to purchase the virtual reality program Rendever. Rendever was designed with seniors in mind. It’s great fun! It has even been proven to help with depression and pain control., and it is also a positive connection for people with memory loss. We have six headsets and countless virtual experiences, so keep an eye out for a program schedule coming out soon. We look forward to many virtual experiences with you!

Posted 4/19/2018