August 2018 Director Notes

August 2018 Director Notes

August 2018

Updated 7/17/18


Alasa and I have been spending the last couple of months watching a lot of baseball games. Her sons, Hunter and Saxton, and my grandson, Gavin, play on opposing teams in Stoughton’s Little League, and Hunter and Gavin are teammates on Stoughton’s Traveling Team, playing in weekend tournaments in neighboring communities, including Verona. It all adds up to a lot of time outside in the summer sun. The spectators are a mix – moms and dads cheering and taking pictures, younger siblings laughing and running around, teens chatting with friends, cute puppies, and grandparents like me, settled comfortably into lawn chairs. It’s a snapshot of the best of small town USA, everyone turning out to support a group of young boys playing America’s game.


The players are learning a lot about teamwork, backing each other up, cheering each other on, and being responsible for their actions, good or bad. They make a great catch… or bobble the ball. They hit a home run… or strike out. They pitch well… they pitch wildly. Sometimes they make a great catch. Sometimes they make the last out. Once in a while, they get hit by the ball, and it smarts. There might be a few tears, but when their coach calls out kindly, “shake it off”, they get up and go on playing. As I sit there on the sidelines, I can’t help but think that spending the summer playing Little League is great preparation for life. Work together as a team, practice, and learn from your mistakes. Give it your all. Encourage each other. It’s fine to be proud when you make a great play, but on those days when the ball hits you, get up, shake it off, and go on. Tomorrow is new inning, a fresh chance to apply all that you’ve learned and try again. Play Ball!