August 2019 – Case Manager News

August 2019 – Case Manager News

August 2019 – Case Manager News


Have you talked to your family about your wishes if you get sick, when you face end of life or after you die?
Have a clean bill of health you say?
That is the perfect time to talk to your family about your wishes.
Do you have a power of attorney for health care and finances? Do you have a will?
Does your family know if you would like to be buried or cremated? A viewing? A funeral?
What will happen to your belongings? Your pets?
What are your favorite charities?
Who will get your favorite antique teapot that has been in the family since 1834?

Are these topics easy to talk about? Not always, but they can be.
Focus on ‘matter of fact’ versus emotion.
Talking about these topics and getting your ‘stuff ‘ in order can make things a lot easier on those you love when you are sick or die.
This will make it easier for them to do things how you would like them done and have the time and space to grieve.
Tough subjects we all must face.




Have you ever thought to yourself “Wouldn’t it be nice if my cane also became a chair?”

Well, it can! On the right is a folding cane seat; Amazon, starting around $20.

This next handy gadget can open a jar, can, pull tabs – it can even slice open a bag of Ruffles;

Amazon, starting around $10! (No membership required to use Amazon. If you need assistance, give us a call)

What about an air fryer? Cook healthier and safer without dealing with hot ovens/stoves or oils.

Sold almost everywhere starting around $50.



Thrift Store finds

  • Music City Thrift, Nashville – The Declaration of Independence, $2.48 (sold for $477,650)
  • Goodwill, Asheville, North Carolina – West Point sweater owned by Vince Lombardi, $ .53 (sold for $43,020)
  • Oxfam, Brittan – Philip Treacy handbag with an Elvis Presley design that was created by Andy Warhol, $32 (offers to buy over $317,000)