Case Managers – April 2022

Case Managers – April 2022



Thinking Ahead
Being proactive about where you want to age is important if you want to steer the ship! This means planning and having conversations.

What are the Options?
There are actually a lot of options. Here are a few common ones we see in Verona. Keep in mind that a plan doesn’t have to be set in stone and can have more than one step along the way.

Age in Place
Many people say that they want to stay in their home which we refer to as “age in place.” This is an option for many people, but does require planning. It could mean adding rails or other adjustments for safety. It could also include hiring someone or working with an agency to come in and help you when you need it. One thing that is important to understand about aging in place, there will be changes and costs associated with this option. See Drake’s article on page 15 for more information on finding help for aging in place.

Assisted Living
If you will be needing a lot of assistance or require more than one person to help with things like bathing or transferring, this may be a good option. Some people feel safer in a facility, meals are provided and there is 24/7 nursing care.

Memory Care
This could be a great option for someone who has early memory loss and knows that at some point it will be unsafe to be at home or alone. It is similar to assisted living and has programming for memory loss and is usually a secure facility.

Living with Family
This option takes planning and communication. Keep in mind that you may still need additional help if the family you live with travels, for example.

Exploring Your Options
Have you ever taken a tour of an assisted living or memory care facility or talked to an agency about in-home assistance? This is a great place to start. Keep in mind you are just gathering information when touring a facility or interviewing an agency. Need assistance exploring your options? Give me a call and we can work on it together!


It’s April! One of my favorite things in Verona is the Military Ridge Bike Trail that runs behind the Senior Center. A forty-mile bike trail may seem intimidating, but keep in mind that it is used a lot for walking and there are no rules on the distance you go. From the Senior Center parking lot, you can walk through town or go the other direction, which is almost completely shaded and head towards the new high school. I definitely recommend checking it out!


Julie Larson, Lead Case Manager





Do I Need Help at Home?
An often difficult, but necessary decision when you are aging in place, is deciding when you need extra assistance in your home. Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to each route you decide to take, but having help come into your home is increasing in popularity and can save you money in the long run. Here are some proactive steps to help you on your journey to stay happy and healthy in your own home.

The first step is to realize and accept that having help in your home is something you need and be open to the idea. This acceptance and willingness to look at your options is a fantastic leap in the right direction! As the old saying goes, “better safe than sorry.” It is better to be proactive and start early, even if it is just a few hours a week, than to have a bad fall and needing to scramble looking for options for yourself or having your family do it for you.

Julie and I in Case Management at the Senior Center, are here to help you and can offer resources to help you get the assistance you need in your home.

Meeting Your Needs
Finding what is right for you is crucial. Would you prefer a private caregiver or an agency? Do you need companion care, personal care or more involved assistance?
Which agency is right for you? These are all important questions to explore and a Case Manager can help.

Discuss Your Options
Whether it be with your family, friends, the agency itself, a Case Manager or all the above, it is important to talk about your options and how you are feeling. If you are low income, no need to fret. We can explore resources available to give you access to help in your home as well! All in all, here at the Senior Center, we care about your safety and wellbeing and want what is best for you. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to chat about getting some help at home, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Happy Spring everyone!
I hope you all enjoy April showers and just know that May flowers are coming. My birthday is in April, so I have always been a bit biased towards the month. Keep staying happy and healthy!

Drake Deno, Case Manager