Have you thought about what you would need in place if you found out you had to have surgery tomorrow or next week?  Having a plan in place is something that can give you some piece of mind.

Have A Plan
“Prehab” is a term used to describe intentionally putting into place a plan that will make coming home and recovering from surgery easier.  Here are four steps to create a “prehab” plan.

Step One: Draft a list of things you would need in order to safely recover at home. Ask a close friend or family member if they can think of anything you are missing.  Prior to surgery, you may also want to share your list
with your doctor or medical team.  See example on right.

Step Two: Brainstorm how you can get your needs met.

Step Three: Create an action plan for how you will have those needs met.  When you create the action plan, leave room to check things of and for notes.

Step Four: Confrm everything in the plan two to three days before your surgery.

Here is an example using #1 on list.
1. How will I get to/and from the hospital?
-Ask son, daughter, friend
-Take a cab
-Ask my Case Manager for an RSVP ride

Action Plan: Call son to arrange ride.  If he is not available call daughter or friend.
Confirmed Plan: Son will drive me both ways.

Would you like a template
to create your own? Call
Julie at 608-848-0440.

Example “Prehab” List
Focus: First two weeks
1. How will I get to/and from the hospital?
2. What will I eat and how will I prepare it?
3. How will I get my medications and do I know how to properly take them?
4. How long will I need someone at my home to help me?
5. How do I contact my medical team if I have a question?
6. Who can I call if something goes wrong?
7. Who can I count on for emotional support if I am in pain or depressed?
8. How will I get up to go to the bathroom, dress, or bathe?
9. Will I need a walker, cane, or commode?



Happy Holidays! As we wrap up 2022, I’ve been feeling excited to see
more of your faces at the Senior Center. If you haven’t already, take a
look at all of the new things we are offering! Classes, presentations,
music, meals, games, and wellness services. There truly is something
for everyone! Best regards, Julie Larson, Lead Case Manager





We Can Help
Due to the wonderful generosity of our community, we are able to offer you a fully stocked loan closet at the
Senior Center!  Here is the scoop on the Loan Closet, what we typically carry, and how to borrow and donate items.

What is a Loan Closet?
The Loan Closet is a service we offer to make sure older adults have the equipment they need to stay safe in their home due to age, medical condition, or because of a recent surgery/medical procedure.  After a doctor visit, or a stay in the hospital, your doctor or a medical professional may suggest adaptive equipment.  This can be frustrating if you only need it for a limited time.  That’s where VSC comes in!  Our Loan Closet is stocked with walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, canes, crutches, and more.  Keep in mind, this closet is available because of donations which means things come and go, and equipment availability is subject to change.  It is also important to discuss any new equipment with your medical provider to ensure you are using it safely and correctly.

Borrowing Items
Call the Senior Center at 608-845-7471.  We have an online inventory system to easily check what’s “in stock”.  If we have what you need, you are free to keep the equipment for as long as you need it.  If you would like to donate an item, please read the next section carefully.  We can only accept items when we have space in our Loan Closet.

Donating Items
If you would like to donate an item, please call 608-845-7471.  We will schedule a donation appointment for
you when a volunteer is available to inspect the item.

Donations cannot be dropped of without an appointment.  All donated equipment must be in good
condition and come from a smoke free household.  Space is limited so we are unable to take large items such as hospital beds or reclining chairs.  If we are not in need of an item, we will not accept it.  If we can’t take your item, you can check with St. Vinnies or Goodwill or pass the item on to someone you know.  Check out page 18 for a list of
specifc equipment we are looking for this month.



Happy December everyone! The holidays are my
favorite time of the year. First Thanksgiving and now
I’ve got Christmas to look forward to! Don’t worry, I
started listening to Christmas music weeks ago. Have a
wonderful December everybody and I look forward to
seeing you at the Center! Drake Deno, Case Manager