Case Managers – January 2022

Case Managers – January 2022

Staying Active at Home

As we have talked about in previous months, exercise and staying active is not only good for your body and physical health, but your mental health as well. Winter is a wonderful time of year for many reasons; the holidays, time with family and friends, good food, fireplaces and of course no mosquitos and wasps! That being said, it’s cold, icy and snowy, all of which aren’t great for being active outdoors. Many people, not just seniors, struggle to exercise when the cold months strike. Experts suggest that seniors should aim for about 2 1/2 hours of moderate exercise each week. Check out these ideas.


Attend a Virtual Fitness Class
If you are comfortable with technology, the world is at your fingertip! The Verona Senior Center offers several virtual fitness classes for you to take advantage of! Be sure to check out our YouTube as well. Check out pages 12-13 for more details.


Check Out the Verona Public Library
Libraries have access to thousands of exercise resources. There are instructional exercise guides that are specifically designed to help you stay active in your limited space. If you don’t find something you like, the library staff can order something from another library.

Schedule Movement into Your Day
Build movement into your schedule each day. Easy ideas include taking a walk around your room during commercials of your favorite TV show or take a walk around your building. Changes to increase movement don’t need to be massive changes, small things like this go along way!

Use What You Have
You may not have a personal gym at home with dumbbells and a treadmill and that’s okay! Get creative and use what you have around the house. Use filled water bottles as hand weights, take a walk up and down your hallway several times, or even just play some music and dance in your living room. Get creative and have fun!

Get Outdoors
When it gets cold and the weather is ugly, the last thing that you want to do is go outside, but regardless of the season, getting fresh air is important. When it feels safe to do so, go walk to get your mail or take a quick walk around your neighborhood. Anything to get out of the house and breathe in some of that fresh air is good for the body and mind! For more information, go to the Mayo Clinic’s website ( and check out their article titled “Ways for Seniors to Remain Active During Winter.”

I hope you all have learned at least one new tactic to take with you in your hunt to stay active this winter! As always, please take advantage of the services we offer, including virtual exercise classes and a small gym right within the senior center. Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!

Drake Deno, Case Manager


Let’s Move in Verona!

Did you know there are several options for exercise and movement for older adults in Verona? Check these out!

Verona High School Pool offers both water exercise classes, open swim and lap swim for older adults. They have a beautiful competition pool as well as a warm water pool. City of Verona resident seniors, ages 62 and over qualify for a Gold Card (must be acquired at Central Office, 700 N. Main Street) which allows for no cost open swim and lap swim. Additionally, water exercise classes are just $1 per class. Schedule below.

Non-resident seniors, ages 62 and older can attend open swim and lap swim for $4 and attend water exercise classes for $2 a class. If there is no school, for holidays, spring break or snow days, the pool is closed. There are accessible spots available in Parking Lot D. Use the S9 entrance. Doors open five minutes before the classes start.

More information can be found at or by calling 608-653-1065. Reservations for all pool activities is required. The schedule for open swim and lap swim changes weekly and can be found at or by calling 608-653-1065.

Verona Senior Center offers a variety of services and activities, including group exercise. These classes all adapt to your skill level and are specifically designed for older adults and affordably priced. Currently we are regularly offering strength and cardio, tai chi, yoga flow, line dancing and a core class. We also offer group nature walks, hikes and bocce ball when the weather allows. Other self-care activities offered include foot care, massage, reiki and foot reflexology. Not seeing what you want? Talk to our director Stephanie Ehle about any ideas you may have! Check out pages 12-13 for more details and how to sign up. Interested in working out individually? Sign up to use our exercise room which includes exercise bikes, hand weights and a user friendly treadmill specially selected to be safer for older adults.

Anytime Fitness located at 411 Prairie Heights Dr., offers 24/7 access to an equipment-filled gym. Plans start at $40-60 a month. Membership includes access to a fitness coach who can help you develop a plan and meet your wellness goals. Anytime Fitness in Verona prides itself in meeting people where they are in terms of their knowledge of wellness and their fitness goals. They offer a 7-day free trial. For questions call 608-497-1266.



Less than 85 days till the first day of Spring, that’s where my mind is. While I am not a big fan of winter, walking on the Military Ridge Bike Trail is one of my favorite ways to move! Stay warm.

Julie Larson, Lead Case Manager