Is Kindness Important?
Yes! An amazing amount of research has been done to explore how kindness affects human beings. Psychology Today has several articles detailing research about kindness, its effects on the receiver, on the giver, and the effects of being kind to ourselves.
According to Psychology Today, science has shown that devoting resources to others, rather than having more for yourself, brings about lasting well-being. Kindness has been found by researchers to be the most important predictor of satisfaction and stability in a marriage, and many colleges, including Harvard, are now emphasizing kindness on applications for admission. But could it be that easy? Just be kindand live a happy life?

The Ease of Kindness
It is actually that easy! And the more you practice kindness, the easier it happens naturally. Not sure about
this? Give it a try! It actually feels pretty darn good to hold the door for someone, or just smile and say hello.

Kindness Bingo!
Practice kindness this month with kindness bingo. Bingo cards can be found on page 25. Turn in your bingo card at the desk when you are fnished, no later than January 31. Cards will be displayed at VSC to show everyone how kind
Verona seniors are.

Want to Learn More?


15 Ways to Be Kind In Your Community:
1. Donate a good book to a Little Library.
2. Be a good listener.
3. Be kind to your server.
4. Text a kind message.
5. Check in on a neighbor.
6. Donate blood.
7. Let someone go ahead of you in line in the checkout.
8. Return someone’s grocery cart for them.
9. Give up your seat to someone else.
10. Shop local.
11. Complete a comment card with a positive note.
12. Recycle.
13. Avoid judgement.
14. Register as an organ donor.
15. Wave to someone.

Welcome to 2023! Don’t forget to:
1. Check out our updated website at:
2. Check out what’s on the schedule this month.
3. Come down and pick up your Kindness Bingo card.
4. Bee kind!
Warm regards, Julie Larson, Lead Case Manager




January and February can be rough months. It’s usually snowy and cold without the added fun and magic of the holiday season. In these months it is even more important than normal to be kind to your fellow humans. It is
quite common for people to suffer from seasonal depression during this time and kindness can go a long way. Wonder what kindness looks like? Here are a few acts of kindness I have witnessed right here at the Senior Center!
* A sincere thank you
* Someone donating their change after paying for a class
* Warm smiles
* A “hello” as I walk through the main room

* Seeing a team of people work together
*Members helping decorate the Senior Center for the holidays.
I feel very fortunate to work in such a wonderful community.

What Will You Do?
Wondering how you can contribute to the “kind vibes” at the Senior Center? Here are some ideas:

Make new friends.
Is there someone here you have seen several times but never talked to? Think you’ve spotted someone enjoying the
center for the frst time? Introduce yourself! Be social! What can it hurt?

Help Someone in Need.
Come across someone who seems confused or is forgetful during a game or activity? Offer some guidance or answer a question. Everyone gets confused sometimes.

The Power of Hello.
Sometimes the smallest most obvious acts of kindness mean the most. See someone sitting alone? Say hello! Wave to someone in the parking lot. Stop at the front desk, say hello to a volunteer!

Volunteer Your Time.
Want to be more active in the new year? Come volunteer with us! We have a variety of opportunities available, all of which make a difference. We have onetime opportunities such as helping with an event, as well as ongoing opportunities such as working in the kitchen or delivering meals. Did you know some drivers deliver meals as little as one day a month?
Together we can make 2023 the kindest year yet

Happy 2023 everyone! How are those New Year’s resolutions looking? Can’t wait to spend anotheryear at the center working with all of you!
Drake Deno, Case Manager