Case Managers – May 2022

Case Managers – May 2022



Let’s Eat!
Over the last two years, we have made changes to the meal options at the Senior Center:

Home-Delivered Meals
This program, often referred to as “Meals on Wheels” does just what it says. It delivers meals to people at their homes, specifically, seniors living in Verona who are either homebound or have trouble preparing meals for themselves. This program is available at lunch time, Monday through Friday. The meals are catered by TNT Catering from Middleton, WI. Nutritious meals are prepared with older adults in mind and accommodations can be made for dietary restrictions. Schedules can be created to accommodate need, such as receiving meals as little as once a week. The home-delivered meal program is based on need, with a suggested donation of $6.50 per meal. To sign up for the program please contact, Julie at 608-848-0440.

Grab & Go Meals
This offering started during the pandemic and due to popular demand, we are planning to continue it indefinitely. These meals cost $6.50 and can be enjoyed anywhere! Orders are due the week before at noon on Wednesday. Accommodations can be made for dietary restrictions. Meals are picked up at the drive thru in the back or at the kitchen window. Everyone is welcome to eat here at the senior center either in the main dining room or outside on the patio. This is a great opportunity to meet a friend at the senior center for lunch or come alone and meet new people. You can also grab lunch before or after a class, presentation or game that you attend. Grab & Go makes it easy to have a nutritious meal on the go!

Interested in having lunch with Drake and Julie?
Join us on Friday, May 27 at noon. Call the desk to register and order your meal by Wednesday, May 18 at noon. Space is limited.

Lunch options: Hot: BBQ ribs, cheesy potatoes, applesauce, sugar cookie Cold: Grilled chicken sandwich with coleslaw, fruit and strawberry cake.

May a.k.a. “bring out the sandals” month, is one of my favorite months. It’s spring of course and my oldest child was born in May. It’s also a month where it can literally snow or be 85 degrees! Personally, I am hoping for no snow! Outside of the Senior Center you will find me either at a track meet, walking my dogs or working in my yard.

Julie Larson, Lead Case Manager





Other Area Food Options
Aside from the exciting options at the Senior Center, the Verona area offers many meal options. Here is the scoop on a few.

Little John’s Kitchen
Little John’s Kitchen is a program looking to cut down on food waste and provide delicious chef prepared meals for those who need them. Little John’s works with nearby grocery stores, taking excess ingredients and turning them into nutritious and delectable dishes. They provide evening “Meals on Wheels” to Madison, Fitchburg, Middleton, Monona, Sun Prairie and now Verona! Deliveries are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are delivered between 4 PM & 6 PM with an ever-changing menu. They also offer several volunteer opportunities too! For more information, call 608-204- 0923 or email them at 

Local Organizations
Many local organizations offer special meals on a regular basis. Whether it be the Lion’s Club, a local church or some other organization, the Verona community has a
growing number of events to provide tasty meals. Check the local newspaper for more information, as well as local bulletin boards and signs that pop up around town. In the past year, local organizations and businesses have hosted free St. Patrick’s Day meals, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas meals and more! Not only are these events a great way to eat some fantastic food, but they also offer you a chance to get out of the house and socialize. You never know what friends you will bump into! 

Restaurant Discounts
Take advantage of senior discounts offered at restaurants! According to numerous articles online, Culvers, Taco Bell, Subway, McDonald’s and Arby’s, all offer some sort of senior discount or senior deal. It isn’t uncommon for local, non-chain restaurants to offer senior discounts as well. If you go out to eat and a senior discount is
not advertised, ask your server. It doesn’t hurt to inquire and you never know, the answer may surprise you. If you or a loved one is suffering from food insecurity, please call 608-845-7471 and ask for a Case Manager.

Happy May everyone! The flowers are going to be out and blooming in full force, which also means my allergies will be picking up again…..Enjoy the spring and I hope to see you at the center!

Drake Deno, Case Manager