Parking Lot Update & Floor Cleaning Friday

Parking Lot Update & Floor Cleaning Friday

Senior Center Cleaning:

Now that the parking lot is done, I have scheduled carpet and floor cleaning for the dining room, activity Room, exercise studio, and kitchen for Friday July 20 starting at 2:30 PM.

Parking Lot Update:

The parking lot was striped last night around midnight.  It was dry and ready to use by morning July 13.  There is a change in how the handicapped spots are painted.  We lost a couple of spots in the back lot due to wider spaces, but we gained a couple in the front lot because we are taking away the handicapped spots out in the middle of the front lot.   

The patch in the back lot and in the street by the driveway are supposed to get fixed on Saturday July 14.  The landscaping restoration is scheduled for next week. The city will be working on replacing some dead shrubs, spraying for weeds, & spraying for mosquitoes the following week.  The railing by the front parking lot door will be replaced. We should everything in good shape by the July 28 event. 

We have had a very long spell of turmoil with our parking lot. Everyone has really been very understanding, but I am sure you are all as eager as I am to see it completed.  Thank you all for your patience. 

(based on emails from Mary Hanson, Director Verona Senior Center 7/12/18) Posted 7/13/18