December 2019 – Case Managers

December 2019 – Case Managers

Real ID
What you need to know!


Are you planning to fly within the U.S., visit a military base, or a federal building in the future? If yes, you need to read this! Beginning 10/1/2020 anyone who plans to do the above must have a REAL ID. Wisconsin DMV issues REAL ID and here is what you need to know about getting one.
To obtain a REAL ID you will need to present the following original documents to the DMV:


Proof of name and date of birth
Proof of legal presence in the U.S.
Proof of identity
Proof of name change (if applicable)
Proof of social security number
Proof of current address


This has been in the works for a long time actually… REAL ID is in accordance with the federal REAL ID ACT of 2005.
Need more info or have questions? Your Senior Center Case Manager can help you do this with ease! Don’t hesitate to ask!


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Remember, the holidays can be a difficult time for folks, so make sure to check in on friends or neighbors that  could use some holiday cheer.

     ~ Becky