February 2019 – Case Manager News

February 2019 – Case Manager News

posted 1/20/2019

February  2019  – Case Manager News


Trouble getting your TED hose on?


Try these tips!

  1. Put a small plastic grocery bag or newspaper bag on the foot to just above ankle.
  2. Place the TED hose over the bag and slide over foot and ankle.
  3. Reach through top of TED hose and push the bag down as far as possible.
  4. Through the opening at the toe, remove the grocery bag off the foot. Note: You may need to fold or roll the hose up the foot to get bag out.
  5. Once bag is removed, pull TED hose up the leg to just under the knee
  6. Reposition the toe opening over the end of the toes for comfort



Hi Ya’ll,

It’s been four months since I joined this amazing team! I am so grateful for all of the new people I have met here at VSC.              ~Julie




Julie & I do a monthly outreach at Sugar Creek, Prairie Oaks II, Evia, Schettler Terrace, Park Verona, Noel Manor & the Verona Library.


We talk about what’s happening at the Senior Center, discuss topics such as insurance, scam prevention or listen/advocate any concerns you may have. Former alderperson, Brad Stiner attends outreach with us 3-4 times a year at each building providing updates as to what’s happening in our community. If you haven’t yet, please join us.


Please note that there have been some changes to the outreach schedule. Info can be found on page 16. Brad’s name will appear in red if he will be at your building that month.


Case Management also provides home & office visits. Walk-ins are welcome, however calling ahead is recommended to ensure that we’re in and have enough time to address your needs properly.


Remember when teachers used to say, “You won’t have a calculator everywhere you go.” Well, we showed them!  


~ Becky