February 2020 – Hello from the Director

February 2020 – Hello from the Director

We had another great discussion at the Director’s Coffee hour in January. Here are some of your suggestions that you may notice we have incorporated around the Senior Center.

Coffee hour – We will be switching out our large napkins for smaller ones to reduce our waste. Keep those “GREEN” ideas coming!

Congregate meal – Starting in February we will be adding some Lunch & Learns to the Wednesday lunches (see pg 3 for details).  We will also be moving the congregate meal further from the door to help keep everyone warm.  Great suggestion!

As we ease into the new year, we are gearing up for some new and exciting programs. Here are some I can’t wait to see!

New programs this month:

  • Meditation with Mandi (Wednesday, Feb 12 at 2pm, see page 14)
  • Oral Health w/Dr. David Besley (Thursday, February 27 at 10:00 AM, see page 13


Coming soon:

  • Pie Social
  • Meet & Greet with ALL staff
  • Board of Directors Presentation—Meet the new team, hear about their philosophy & 2020 goals
  • Annual report presentation—Learn how 2019 went and how we will use that for future planning

SAVE THE DATE!! Tango Dancing Class (Thursday, March 19 at 10:00 AM, see pg 4)

Travel logs – Have you ever been on an interesting trip? We’d love to hear your story! Please contact Alasa if you have a story you would like to share.

Mini DIY classes: sugar scrub workshop, nail polish marbled projects, chalkboard art and more.

**Many of these ideas are thanks to your suggestions…keep them coming!

Other suggestions received in the suggestion box. My comments are in green.

Could we get a water bottle filler at the bubbler? At this time it is too costly to switch, but we will put out a large ice water to fill water bottles.

Can we have music? Preferably Mondays and perhaps Ron & Rosie? We welcome any and all music suggestions. We will be putting more on the calendar for 2020. From what we’ve heard, Ron & Rosie are no longer playing.

Thanks for all your input! We look forward to seeing you at the Senior Center.

Stephanie Ehle, Director