January 2019 Director Notes

January 2019 Director Notes

updated 12/20/2018

January 2019


2018 started out with mold remediation, followed by remodeling of the health & wellness area, painting and carpeting the offices, and the replacement of our bathroom floors. Just when we thought we might catch our breath, the parking lot tear-out and repaving started. It is great to have these projects behind us, but what a busy year it was! I have no doubt that you are as happy as I am that these big projects are done!! You will be pleased to hear that we have no plans to do any interior projects in 2019. We are fortunate to have a wonderful facility. I am very appreciative of the City of Verona’s commitment to making the senior center a safe, attractive, and functional environment for the enjoyment of all our participants. The city will be replacing our roof this year, but that will have far less impact on our programming and ease of access for all of us.


Since the Chronicle is now available online and free copies are available for pick up at Miller’s, City Hall, the Library, Verona Vision, and the Senior Center, we will no longer be mailing the Chronicle as of January 1st.


I hope that you had a happy and joyful holiday season. My husband and I are looking forward to the arrival of our fourth grandchild, a boy, who is due on January 31. I hope that 2019 brings good news to your lives as well.