January 2020 – Happy New Year

January 2020 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I appreciate everyone being so welcoming in my first few months at the Senior Center.

I look forward to meeting more members and offering a wide variety of programs and services. We have a wonderful staff and fantastic members, and I feel blessed to be here. Thank you to all who came to our first Coffee with the Director. We had a great conversation with a lot of ideas. If you missed it, here’s a recap. My feedback is in green.


Incorporation of regular dishes has been well received.

We will continue this for Coffee Hours AND add real dishes for the Congregate lunches. We will keep looking for other environmentally friendly ideas.

The title of Death Café is morbid.

This program has been very popular. The presenter chose the name, not our staff, so it will stay the same. It’s a great group discussing a difficult topic. I encourage everyone to check it out.

Bring back the Wii games.

We will try this in February or March.

We’d like more music.

We are already working on this, stay tuned! Suggestions welcome.

We’d like to see the suggestion box brought back.

The box has been put at the desk. I welcome any comments, good or bad. If you bring a complaint, perhaps offer a solution too.


Have a TV screen as a calendar in the lobby.

I will look into grant options.

Could changes in daily activities be emailed daily?

Alasa sends a weekly email. Depending on when the changes occurs staff may not be able to send a daily email.


Staffing changes—As some of you know Jamie, our Nutrition Aide, has decided to go back to school. She will be leaving the Senior Center to pursue her dreams. Torie, our Nutrition Coordinator, will be taking over Jamie’s hours and will work Monday—Friday.

We are gearing up for a busy year at the Senior Center. One of the biggest changes will be with the Winter Weather Policy. Starting in 2020 the Senior Center will NOT be closing when the school district closes. The Senior Center and the Library have been designated as warming and cooling centers by the City of Verona. Please use the chart below as a reference.