July 2018 – Case Manager News

July 2018 – Case Manager News

July – Case Manager News

Posted 6/20/18

Looking for Volunteers for new Friendly Call Program

  • Want to help an isolated or lonely senior to feel less alone?
  • Interested in making a difference in a senior’s quality of life?
  • Interested in making connections with senior community members over the phone?
  • Then contact us to volunteer for the Friendly Caller Program!

Feelings of loneliness and isolation can negatively affect both physical and mental health. People who are lonely are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors and are at higher risk for high blood pressure, cognitive decline and dementia, and depression. Isolation increases the risk of mortality and for falls, makes seniors more vulnerable to elder abuse, and is linked to long-term illness with a higher need for long-term care.

After you receive training, you will place a 15-20 minute phone call each week to your assigned seniors to engage in friendly conversation; you will be a bridge to the community and the Senior Center. We anticipate starting the program in July/August. Contact Kim Crowell or Becky Losby for more information and to volunteer.



They say “you’re never too old to learn” and technical schools and universities all over the United States have taken that to heart. Many are offering those 60 and over free tuition to “audit” a class. The University of Wisconsin was highlighted on AARP’s website discussing their over 60 audit program which is available at all the UW’s 26 campuses. As an auditor, you attend the class, but unlike those crazy collage kids YOU don’t have to pay. Yup, free. Because it’s an audit course you won’t receive a grade or credit, but you’ll be keeping your brain active while learning new things such as music, history, religious studies and more. For more information about auditing and other educational opportunities for seniors at the University of Wisconsin call – 608-262-5823.

Famous last words ….

  • Humphrey Bogart “I should never have switched from scotch to martinis”
  • Joe DiMaggio “I finally get to see Marilyn”
  • Bob Marley “Money can’t buy life”
  • Nostradamus “You will not find me alive at sunrise”
  • Thomas Edison “It is very beautiful out there”
  • Bob Hope “Surprise me” 

“So we raise her up every morning and we take her down every night, we don’t let her touch the ground, and we fold her up right. On second thought I do like to brag, cause I’m might proud of that ragged old flag” Johnny Cash

~ Becky