June 2018 – Ticks and Mosquitoes

June 2018 – Ticks and Mosquitoes

Posted 5/17/2018

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from Barbara

June – Ticks & Mosquitoes


This summer ticks and mosquitoes are even more prevalent in our beautiful Midwest. The CDC and the Weather Bureau states it is because of our increased rainfall and warmer temperatures. Whether you believe in global warming or not, it seems things are changing in our environmental surroundings.


There are several ways to deter mosquitoes. The first one people always think of are the products using DEET. Most of us would rather use something as effective, but not use DEET. One product is anything containing oil of eucalyptus. Another is made by Avon and called Skin so Soft Bug Guard plus picaridin. This new product is supposed to repel against mosquitoes and deer ticks too.


Ticks love the Wisconsin humidity. The infected blacklegged ticks are those that can cause Lyme disease. It can usually be treated with antibiotics if caught soon enough. To protect against ticks, avoid brushing up against vegetation. For protection against mosquitos and ticks, wear a hat and light clothing, long–sleeved shirts and long pants tucked in your socks.


Wear a hat for sun protection, shoes with good support, a reputable sun screen product, apply a mosquito repellent, and you are set to go for a great outdoor adventure this summer!