June 2019 Happy Fathers Day

June 2019 Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!!!!


Q: What treat do dads like for Father’s Day?
A: POPsicles.

Q: What did the golfer dad want for Father’s Day?
A: A Tee shirt

Q: Why did the daddy cat want to go bowling on Father’s Day?
A: He was an alley cat.

Q: What did daddy pig put on his Father’s Day pancakes?
A: Hog cabin syrup


Dad’s Favorite Sayings


10) When I was your age.

9) A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone.

8) Go ask your mother.

7) Were you raised in a barn?

6) You don’t know what hard work is.

5) It builds character.

4) Don’t make me stop this car!

3) You’re grounded till you’re thirty.

2) Money doesn’t grow on trees.

1) Because I said so.