June 2020 – Case Managers

June 2020 – Case Managers

Congratulations to our 2020 Seniors!

My son, Denzel, is a senior this year. Obviously this has been a crazy spring and through this he is staying focused and looking forward. I’m so proud of him. Along with working through his last semester of
high school, Denzel is continuing to train for track and cross country and taking steps to prepare for college this fall. I interviewed him while he was eating a cheeseburger. Here’s what he had to say:

Denzel Bailey, 2020 Graduate of La Follette High School, Madison

What is your favorite memory of high school? Participating in sports for sure. Cross country,
winter running club and track.
What has been your favorite thing to do during the Covid-19 quarantine? School work on
my own schedule, running and playing video games with my friends online. A lot.
What are your plans after high school? I will be attending UW-La Crosse, majoring in Business
and running cross country.
What are you most proud of at this moment in your life? My self-determination to continue
training during the pandemic and running in general. Oh & qualifying for state in cross country.
What do you see yourself doing in ten years? Owning my own business and still running 🙂
How awesome is your Mom on a scale of 1-10? 14 – My Mom is pretty epic. Just so you know, a
score of 15 has never been attained but she is close! And yes, I know the scale was 1-10

As you can imagine, this spring has been filled with many emotions and much learning! Professionally, our
team has transitioned to working remotely while still delivering services to seniors in Verona. This has
come with many challenges but I have also been blessed with phone conversations with people I may not
have had if it weren’t for the pandemic. While supporting seniors I already work with, I have also developed

relationships with Verona seniors I didn’t know before March. This time away from the senior center has also

allowed for some continuing education as well. Personally, spring has been an emotional season for me.

I’ve watched my two youngest children adjust to a less-structured school environment and
miss their spring sports. I’ve watched my older, very social, daughter adjust to working from home and
only seeing her coworkers on a screen. I’ve watched my Mom (from a far) stay “socially distanced” from
everyone since March 18th. We all miss our friends & extended family dearly! We have also been blessed
with good health and treasured time together that we normally wouldn’t have had. As a family, we have
put together two 1,000 piece puzzles, tried new recipes, done some household repairs (I fixed our toilet
and painted our exterior doors!) and we’ve all increased our exercise. We’ve had lots of laughs and tears
as well. We all look forward to getting back to some normalcy very soon. Bee well, Julie


Carter, my youngest son, is graduating from high school next month. When Carter was little,
he chose his career path and has worked hard to prepare for his goal and we couldn’t be
more proud of him.

Carter Losby, Class of 2020, McFarland High School

Me – Hi Carter, thanks for talking with me today (it was Mother’s Day)
Carter – Sure
Me – Carter, what are your plans after high school?
Carter – I’ll be attending the Criminal Justice Program at Madison College this Fall and then
the Police Academy
Me  – Great! Carter, what has been your favorite memory of high school?
Carter – Probably competing in the criminal justice division in the Skills USA competition.
Me – Nice! Carter, up to this point, what are you most proud of?
Carter – I was chosen to be the Captain of our Police Explorer program, and my Law Enforcement Internship during my senior year.
Me – That is pretty awesome! So, where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Carter – Being a Patrol Officer somewhere in Dane County
Me – Okay! So, has been your favorite thing to do while staying at home during this covid
Carter – Fishing and playing X Box
Me – Alright. Now, on a scale of 1-10, how awesome is your mom?
Carter – 10
Me – What about 15? (I laugh lovingly)
Carter – Ahh, 15…(rolls his eyes, lovingly of course)


I hope that you’ve found moments of joy and taken time to reflect during these uncertain times. Personally, I’ve
gone through a rollercoaster of emotions & disappointments, such as meeting my granddaughter through a video
screen, and the realization that Carter, along with so many other 2020 graduates, won’t have the “traditional”
graduation ceremony that we envision for our kids after their years of hard work. With that said, some experiences
have given me a sense of peace and accomplishment, like growing a canister garden or taking a quiet walk without
all the background noise. The birds sound louder, probably because we’ve taken the time to listen. Neighbors seem
friendlier and there has been an outpour of community support. I am hopeful that the new normal, whatever it looks
like, will continue to embrace the importance community and self care. Becky (miss you all)