June 2019 – Senior Housing & Vets Outing

June 2019 – Senior Housing & Vets Outing

June 2019 Case Manager News

Are you or someone you know a veteran that may enjoy getting together with other veterans? The Verona Vets Group meets monthly on the second Thursday at 3 PM for coffee, discussion and guest speakers. In addition to our monthly groups, our vets plan trips throughout the year with the assistance of Becky and me. This spring we went to the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. Other things that are on our schedule already for 2019 include a pontoon ride, a baseball game and an out-of-town day trip. All vets are welcome to join us for our monthly group and/or trips. Contact me for more information and to get on our mailing list.


I am looking forward to my first summer here at the Senior Center. Some of my scheduled appointments may need to take place on the back deck! Julie


Can’t wait to see what happens at this place during the summer! Should be fun! Julie


Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Verona Vets Group on a tour at the Harley Davidson Museum




Senior Housing 101 – (Facilities)


Assisted Living (ALF) Offers supportive services such as meals, limited assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting and recreational activities. Assisted living facilities are not intended for seniors who need more advanced 24/7 care. ALF’s are usually paid for privately or via long term care insurance. Some may accept funding from sources such as Care WI & Family Care. Medicare will not pay for ALF.


Skilled Nursing Facility/Nursing Home (SNF) Provides total assistance with cares & the level of nursing care is greater. A SNF is the type of facility one would go for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery as it offers physical, occupational & speech therapy. Medicare only covers payment if the person has a qualifying hospital stay. SNF’s also accept private pay & most accept Medicaid. (Medicare.gov)


Memory Care Specific to those with cognitive impairment, often a secure unit within another facility (SNF or ALF). Payment coverage usually same as SNF.


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