March 2020 – Case Managers

March 2020 – Case Managers

Raise Your Hand If You Like Change

Rarely do people like significant change, especially when it is not their choice and means losing some sort of independence.  I met with a woman recently and we discussed trying a walker at home because of a recent fall.  After a lengthy discussion on the subject, I asked her if she would try out the walker for a week. She smiled and responded “as long as it is not mandatory!”  In reality, using assistive devices or equipment can save you from a fall and serious injury.  According to the National Council on Aging, one in four individuals age 65+ falls every year. Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Using assistive devices or equipment is a great way to reduce your chances of getting a head/brain injury.

Loan Closet

We know using an assistive device can be a hard transition to make and we also know that equipment is expensive.  That is why we have a Loan Closet.  When borrowing our equipment there is no charge or due date.  We encourage you to use the equipment as long as you need it.  We ask that you return it CLEAN and in good working condition when you are done.  We accept donations of new and gently-used equipment as well as cash donations to support the Senior Center.  Have an item to donate? Give us a ring and let us know before dropping off equipment please!

 What We Have On Hand

While we only have what is donated and are sometimes out of something, we usually have the following items in our inventory: Two-wheeled walkers, four-wheeled walkers w/seats, canes, quad canes, wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, bed & toilet rails, raised toilet seats, commodes (portable toilets), bath seats, bath transfer benches, gait belts, grabbers and other miscellaneous items.