May 2019 – Are you Consciously Connected?

May 2019 – Are you Consciously Connected?

Are you Consciously Connected?


While studies on how much time Americans waste looking at screens varies, the reality is our smart gadgets are often a time suck.

Tips for Being Intentional on the Internet:

  1. Use your computer, tablet or smart phone when you have a reason. Set down your gadget when you have found the information you were seeking.
  2. Set a limit if you are conducting a search that could be indefinite. For example, “I’m going to search on Amazon for 30 minutes for gift ideas for Uncle Henry.” Set a timer if 30 minutes can turn into two hours followed by a nap in the recliner. Where did the day go? It happens to the best of us!
  3. Put your smart gadgets away or on a “home base” when you are not using them. Smart phones have been known to jump into our hands and open Facebook if we are not careful. Avoid having them within arms reach if not in use.
  4. Make the bedroom a screen-free zone. 44% of Americans sleep with their phone in their bed! This can disturb sleep and encourage starting the day on social media.
  5. Turn off notifications. Smart phones these days will give you a notification for everything. Go into settings and turn off notifications for anything that is not crucial. Think about why you have a cell phone and what you really need to be notified of.


Three cheers for spring! Time to plant flowers and enjoy the sunshine! 





Senior Housing 101 –  (Apartments)

Apartments for Independent Seniors 55+. No assistance provided. Some people hire help for things like cleaning, meal prep, bath aid, etc. Most offer a community room with tenant led activities. Cost of rent is determined as follows:

  1. Market Rate   Rental assistance not provided & rent usually reflects the area’s norm.
  2. Section 42 Owners receive a tax credit to keep rent at a lower rate. Income limits; 1 person $33,960, 2 persons $38,820/yr. This is NOT the same as reduced rent based on income.
  3. Rent based on income  Housing for 62+ or disabled. Rent not to exceed 30% of income. There is usually a waiting list. Not all apartment complexes participate. Housing for all ages.

Next month I will talk about nursing facilities.


 Did you hear about the two guys who stole a calendar? They each got 6 months.


I can’t believe the highway department called my husband a thief, but when I got home all the signs were there