Updated 6/13/2019

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For a paper copy, the Chronicle will be available for pick up at Verona Senior Center, City Hall, Public Library, Miller’s Grocery Store and various senior apartments.


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Where can I pick up a Chronicle?


A free copy of The Chronicle is available for pick-up at Verona Senior Center, Verona Public Library, Verona City Hall, Verona Vision and Miller’s Grocery Store.

Volunteer Opportunities

Updated 6/13/2019


Are you interested in volunteering? The following are our top needs:


    • RSVP Home-Delivered Meal Drivers
    • RSVP Drivers for Medical Appointments
    • Help with the Friends Web Site
    • Event Assistants
    • Food Care Assistants


Do you have a special hobby you’d like to share? Do you like to travel? Play piano? Would you like to teach a class? Start a choir? Lead a sing-along? Whatever your interests are, we have a volunteer opportunity for you! Call Alasa Wiest 845-7471 to learn more.

Weekly Email Update

Updated 6/13/2019


If you would like to be added to our email list for updates on classes, activities or events, such as class cancellations or event changes, please email Alasa at

Seniors—The Board of Directors needs your help!

New 6/13/2019


We want your Senior Center to offer the programs and activities that most interest our members. As a member of the Board of Directors, you are able to share your ideas and suggestions and assist in “making things happen.”


Our Board meetings are once a month from 9:30 to 11:00 am. You would also need to give some time to assist with Board functions during the year. We are an active, fun Board and welcome new faces.


If you are interested, please give your name and phone number to the receptionist at the front desk or call the Senior Center at 845-7471 with that information. One of our Board members will call you to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Please consider joining our Board and contributing to one of the best Senior Centers around.