November 2018 Director Notes

November 2018 Director Notes

updated 10/19/2018

November 2018


Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to pause and reflect on all that is good in our lives. It’s a time to put our gratitude into words. Loving family, close friends, good health, and a safe place to live are reasons enough for anyone to feel extremely grateful. Here at the Senior Center, I would like to add my thanks for our amazing and devoted staff, and thanks to our Friends board for their hard work and generous support. I also appreciate the support of our City Administrator, Police Department, Firefighters, EMT’s, Public Works, Streets, Facilities Manager, and other city staff who provide ongoing assistance. There is a great spirit of camaraderie amongst the city departments that makes working in Verona a joy. I am especially grateful to all of you, our seniors, for your many kind words, your volunteerism, your wisdom, and the way you look out for each other. You are the reason the Senior Center exists, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you every day. In a world that grows increasingly harsh and hostile with each passing year, I truly appreciate all of you who are a part of making the Verona Senior Center a place where people can count on finding a warm welcome, a good friend, and a helping hand. Thank you all and I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


We are hearing that this will be a very bad year for influenza. If you haven’t already had your flu shot, keep in mind that our bus does stop at Walgreens, where you can easily get a flu shot. Call us at 845-7471 to sign up for a ride.