November 2019 – Focus on Parkinson’s Group

November 2019 – Focus on Parkinson’s Group

This month I want to focus on our Parkinson’s Group here at the Verona Senior Center. We meet the third Thursday of every month. I am the facilitator and am open to all ideas and speakers dealing with Parkinson’s.


At the end of August, the American Parkinson’s Disease Association had a walk titled the “Optimism Walk”. I was a participant and had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful and courageous people.

It was at Warner Park with free corn on the cob, beans, brats, and a lovely day in Wisconsin.

According to the Wisconsin Executive Director, Rachel Wilberding, there were 210 “walkers” and more than $24,000 was raised. I personally want to thank those of you who donated for my walk.

Some of our own Verona group also participated in an “Art Program” recently, with emphasis on finger dexterity and voice control.



We had the honor of Rachel attending our last meeting giving us updates for Wisconsin including financial assistance available to the Wisconsin Parkinson’s population.

We have an upcoming Wisconsin Parkinson’s Symposium this month at the Madison Marriott West, Middleton. I will attend along with some of our members.


Nurse Barabra