October 2018 – Case Manager News

October 2018 – Case Manager News

posted 9/20/18

October  – Case Manager News

Hello & happy Fall! As you may know we have a loan closet & if in stock we have shower chairs, wheel chairs, etc. However, there are tons of products to help make life simpler. I picked out only a few to show you. These products are from Amazon, but many products can be purchased at a local medical equipment store.

Assist grab handles are handy to give you a bit more support when getting out of the car. Price starts around $12 and are portable.






This foam chair cushion helps relieve pain from pressure, has a washable cover and gives you more height to be up from your chair. This one is $23.99 on Amazon.






Hard to find your way around the bathroom at night? This LED toilet bowl night light has a motion sensor that turns the light on when you enter the room, and turns off when you leave, and even comes in 16 colors. Average price on Amazon is between $8 and $15.






We rarely have these lightweight transport chairs in our loan closet. They fold, store easy and are great for using at places like the farmers market or a Packer Game. These are not meant to be used as a daily wheelchair. Prices vary and are often found at medical supply or drug stores. Prices vary usually between $75-150.







Brilliant! A smart pill bottle which provides reminders and tracks doses. An app on your smart phone notifies caregivers when a person is on track or if doses are missed. Tracks via Bluetooth & uses a rechargeable battery with a provided USB charger. WIFI not needed. This product is the smart pill bottle by Medikyu, I discovered on Amazon and is $38.99. There are many variety of options like this.

A little advice ~
~ If it looks stupid, but it works, it aint stupid
~ When in doubt, mumble
~ The things that come to those who wait, might be the things left by those who got there first.

~ Becky