October 2019 – Case Manager News

October 2019 – Case Manager News

~~Brain Health~~

Our brains change with age and mental decline is common. Cognitive impairment is not inevitable. Here are 7 ways to prevent it right here at the Verona Senior Center!

  1. Get mental stimulationReading, education classes, word puzzles, drawing, painting, and other crafts can all be beneficial—all of which can be found at the senior center.
  2. Get physical exerciseExercise increases blood flow and nerve growth in the brain. This results in increased performance in the brain! See exercise schedule on page 12-13.
  3. Improve your dietGood nutrition can help your mind as well as your body. Come have lunch with us! Or Meals on Wheels!
  4. Blood Pressure/Blood Sugar/CholesterolReduce your risk of dementia by visiting Nurse Barbara weekly or monthly!
  5. Avoid tobacco altogether and limit alcohol intakeThe Senior Center is alcohol and tobacco free and loads of fun!
  6. Protect your headConsider taking the Stepping On class to prevent falls and potential head injuries.
  7. Build social networksStrong social ties have been associated with a lower risk of dementia. The Senior Center is a great place for being social.


Hello Verona Seniors! Fall is my favorite time of year. Outdoors is where you will find me—at a cross country meet nearly every weekend! 

Enjoy the last of this beautiful Fall weather before the nasty white “s-word” arrives!         







Medicare Information

Depending on your income, you may be eligible for programs that could help you save money on things such as your Medicare premium, medications, groceries or electric bill. For Medicare associated assistance, a one-person household might qualify if the income is $1,011.67 or below and the assets are $7,730 or less. For a two-person household, the monthly income limit is $1,371.67 and the asset limit is $11,600.  If you fall within that income and asset level, give Julie or me a call, and we can help determine your eligibility.

I stumbled across a helpful and handy website: www.suddenlysenior.com. It has 100’s of articles, stories, trivia and resources on every possible topic, and it is real easy to navigate. Check it out!

 ~ Becky   


Never regret anything that made you smile.

 ~ Mark Twain