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Verona Caregivers Group (L,V)



Caregivers group meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10 AM, both virtually and in-person. The group aims to offer support and resources to any caregiver, both past and present. Everyone welcome! Not able to attend the group, but would like to talk one-on-one to a Case Manager? Contact Julie at 608-848-0440.

Are you caring for someone with early memory loss? Giving yourself a break is good self-care. Check out Club 108 on page 15. This program gives caregivers the opportunity to take a 90-minute break for themselves knowing that their loved one is in good hands. Jan and Lou help each person to feel at home and comfortable by meeting them where they are.


For more information see page 15 or call Jan at 848-0436.

Updated 9/25/2022



In this free 60-minute workshop, learn communication and support strategies that improve the healthcare and caregiving for older adults.


You will also learn:
• Strategies to improve medication management and safety
• Communication strategies to make the most of doctor appointments
• Plain language strategies to improve communication with your loved one
• Special considerations for Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias


A workbook and fact sheets will be provided


Date & time: Wednesday, September 21 at 10 AM
Free lunch to follow at 11:15 AM
RSVP by Wednesday, September 14 by calling 608-845-7471

Memory Cafes & Memory Groups

Have you tried out any online groups? Here are online options for memory cafes and support in our area.


Meeting of Minds

A memory enhancement program to help maximize cognitive function and sustain quality of life for those with memory loss. Meets weekly on Tuesdays from 10 – 11:30 AM


Virtual Memory Café

Meets the 3rd Friday of each month from 10-11:30 AM
Contact person: Rose Kearney at the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of WI

Phone: 608-232-3400 ext. 115

Caregivers Support 

Updated  9/25/2022

Things to Do
Memory Loss Activity Bags & Games


Looking for a new activity? We have several activity bags designed specifically with memory loss in mind. Each bag has a theme with easy to follow activities and can be checked out. Themes include Sea Scape, Dog’s World, Farm Life, Game Day and Jungle Fun. We also have a number of games that can be checked out. To inquire, contact Julie 608-848-0440.

Why Join a Caregivers Support Group?


1. Have access to wisdom of other caregivers.
2. Have an outlet for emotions & have feelings validated.
3. Find people to socialize and do check-ins with.
4. Reduce feelings of isolation, loneliness or depression.
5. Get a better idea of what to expect in the future.
6. Gain a sense of empowerment and control.
7. Improve your caregiving skills.
8. Learn ways to keep your loved one at home.

Caregivers Support Group

Updated  8/21/2022

Verona Caregivers Group


Meets at 10 AM on 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month

Call 608-845-7471 for more information

We are here to support you!


Verona Caregivers Support GroupCaregivers group offers an option of attending virtually via Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 10 AM. Call 608-845-7471 for more information.


The group aims to offer support and resources to any caregivers, both past and present. Everyone welcome!


Here is the link for the first Tuesday:

And here is the link for the third Tuesday:



Being a Caregiver


The act of caregiving takes dedication and planning. For someone who is in it for the long haul, a crucial part of making it work is selfcare. Where can caregivers turn to for such support? In Dane County there is support available for caregivers, including but not limited to, groups, case management, respite care and financial support. Additionally, there are hospice services available when appropriate.


Need assistance finding support? Feel free to reach out to case management by calling Julie at 608-848-0440.



Area Support


Dane County Caregivers program focuses on caring for the caregiver and offers grants, referrals and resources, support groups, specialized services for grandparent caregivers and a monthly newsletter. To learn more visit ttps://

Additional Support


The Dane County Caregivers Program focuses on caring for the caregiver.

To learn more visit:


Do you receive the Caregiver Chronicles monthly newsletter?

To subscribe, email or call 608-261-5679.

The Ten Commandments of Caregiving

Agree (never argue)
Redirect (never reason)
Distract (never shame)
Reassure (never lecture)
Reminisce (never say “remember”)

Say “Do what you can”
(never say “you can’t)
Ask (never command)
Encourage & Praise (never condescend)
Reinforce (never force)

Area Agency on Aging of Dane County

Caregiver Program

The Caring for Caregivers Program offers:

  • Caregivers Newsletter
  • Caring for Caregivers Grants
  • Referrals and resources
  • Resources for employed caregivers
  • Support groups
  • Grandparents & other relatives as parents caregiver program

For more information, contact the program coordinator at 608-261-9930 or

For other groups in the area visit:

AARP Tips for Solo Caregivers

Take care of your own health

Most caregivers don’t, even though it’s logical that someone needs to be healthy to take care of others

Find kindred spirits

Join a support group or find a way to connect with others. Give yourself a place to vent and find support and resources.

Stop beating yourself up

Caregiving triggers emotions. You may feel resentful or angry or guilty. Instead of criticizing yourself, write in a journal or talk to a trusted friend.


Get Organized

Develop a daily routine and stick to it. Use a planner. Set reminders so you don’t forget appointments or to pick up a prescription.

Be a little selfish

Reserve one day a week for you and secure respite care for your loved one. Consider a home caregiver or adult day center.

Carry a list

Jot down things you do as well as things you need to do. Next time a friend or neighbor asks what they can do, pull out your list!

Let go

Are you making the situation worse by trying to control everything? If you are acting like a super hero, others won’t recognize how much work you are doing or even that you need help at all.

Ten Ways to Support a Caregiver:


Caregivers often think of others and “givers” by nature. Caregivers will often not reach out when they need help or will refuse help. “What can I do to help you?” could likely be met with “Oh I am fine, thanks for thinking of me.”


If you know a caregiver and have some time to spare, ask them if they need a break. Provide an afternoon of respite. Anything you can do to help the caregiver will be appreciated more than you will know. Many caregivers won’t ask for help, so by reaching out to them would be so, so helpful.


To support a caregiver, consider one or more of these ideas:


    1. Drop off pre-made, ready to eat food with a planned visit or a porch drop off.
    2. Offer to make a grocery run or pick up some healthy snacks before visiting.
    3. Give them a break. Respite can allow a caregiver to run some errands or take a walk.
    4. Learn about their care recipient’s illness to increase your ability to support them.
    5. Identify available community resources. Get the details and share.
    6. Spend some time just visiting. Loneliness can be a huge issue for caregivers.
    7. Keep in touch. Check in regularly, don’t wait for them to call you or ask for help.
    8. Send a “no response needed” text, drop a card or care package in the mail.
    9. Offer to help with yard work, laundry, sweep the floors, vacuum or wash windows.
    10. Run errands, plant flowers, fill bird feeders and assist with dwindling down their “to do” list.



All Verona Senior Center virtual programming can be accessed by any type of phone. Call the Senior Center to register for an event and staff will give you the call-in phone number.  If you leave a message, we will get back to you ASAP.  When you call in for the event, you will need to enter a meeting ID and a passcode, all of which we will give you.


On social media?  Come join our private caregivers group on facebook!  


Contact Julie at 608-848-0440 with questions


We have memory activity kits available for loan.  Give us a call and we can arrange a pick up or drop off.