Veterans Group

Are you or someone you know a veteran who may enjoy getting together with other veterans? The Verona Vets Group meets monthly on the second Thursday at 2 – 3 PM for coffee, discussion and guest speakers. In addition to our monthly groups, our vets plan trips throughout the year with the assistance of Drake and Julie. 


The 4th Thursday of the month is set for a Vet themed movie from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. Contact Drake Deno for more information and to get on our mailing list.

Vets Group changes in 2021


Please look over the list of ideas for 2020/21. We can use this to help plan for next year.  Please click here for the current list of ideas.


Below is information that was discussed (Nov 14, 2019) Vets meeting, for reference, and also for those that were not able to come to the meeting.


New in 2020 many of the senior center groups will transition to being self-run like Man & Woman Talk (formally Man Talk). In January the Verona Vet’s group will transition to a self-run group. We are excited that you all get to take this on your own as you have all been big contributors to the planning.


[?] will serve as the senior center contact for Vets group and the senior center will continue to support the Vet’s Group in the following ways:


        • Have a room reserved on the second Thursday of each month from 2 – 3pm. This time can be adjusted or changed as need (please give us at least one week’s notice)
        • Have coffee a donuts (or another snack as requested)
        • Support with trips (such as coordinating with center-wide trip volunteers or possibly getting a bus scheduled)


We also discussed in the meeting the idea of having a phone tree to deliver information to the group such as illness, death, celebrations or reminders.

August 2021 (restart) Regular Meetings


    • Note the new time!
    • Thursday, August 12, 2021 –  2:00-3:00 PM
    • Live meeting in the fire-side room.
    • RSVP by calling: 608-845-7471  or
      • sign-up online at the Verona Senior Center Kiosk, click here.  Login, then follow the prompts selecting >>Register>>Groups>>Veteran’s Group… and sign up for the events you can attend.
      • Note: there is a limit to how many can attend.
    • Come visit and meet our new Case Manager!

Images from Christmas Party 2019.