September 2018 Director Notes

September 2018 Director Notes

updated 8/21/2018

September 2018


People often think of superheroes as dramatic caped figures who fly in during times of crisis to “save the day”, but I believe that superheroes can be found among us every day, quiet people who simply go about helping others, never seeking praise or recognition. They are the people you can depend upon time after time to be helpful, to do good, and to soldier on, no matter how tough the battle.


In my life, my husband, Kim, is the super hero. He is always quietly doing good, never seeking the limelight or praise. Just a couple of examples from his life tell the story. When Kim was 14, his beloved stepfather, a bread salesman, was diagnosed with cancer. For the next two and a half years, my husband tended his stepdad’s bread route, keeping the bread racks fully stocked and neatly arranged. Quietly and without fanfare, he found a way ease his stepfather’s burden. Later, he managed a grocery store, and when one desperate teenager, short on her college tuition, stole $200 from the till, instead of calling police, he told her that he would loan her the $200 she needed and let her work it off during summer break. What could have been an arrest he turned into a super hero moment. She is now a young working mom and active volunteer, doing good for others.


We see superheroes here at the Senior Center every day, giving gifts of time and service that make a huge difference to others. They are caregivers, veterans, volunteers, and family members. The world is a much better place with these quiet heroes. I would rather have them in my life than one flashy “Caped Crusader”.


Do you have a superhero in your life? They’re easier to find if you don’t look for a cape or a super power. They might even be sitting right next to you.