September 2019 – Case Manager News

September 2019 – Case Manager News

We lost our sweet Solo on July 22nd. She died peacefully at home surrounded by family. Though she was 12 1/2 and had cancer, it was very unexpected at the moment. She lived a long happy life. During the first half of her life she lived with a responsible breeder and attempted a career of being a service dog. It was determined that she was “too alpha” for the program but she  contributed in another way by having three litters of pups in which she produced several therapy and service dogs.

After finding her forever home with us she got to live it up as our family dog! She has brought so much joy to our lives and more recently, to those lives she touched while coming to the senior center.


For me, Fall feels like new beginnings than Jan. 1.

Here’s to a new year ~ Julie

PS – My 1 year anniversary is 9/27. Look for treats!


In 2018, Florida’s Pasco County Sheriffs Dept. introduced the 9pm Routine campaign. Research found that most residential burglaries occurred between 9pm-6am & were preventable!

The 9pm Routine quickly caught on, becoming a nationwide safety
campaign consisting of 4 simple steps:

  • Don’t leave valuables inside or visible in your car to tempt a thief. If you have a clip-on garage door opener, bring that inside too, which will prevent someone from breaking in and  using it later.
  • Lock all of your car doors and put your windows up.
  • Lock your front & back door. Make sure your garage door is closed & that any side garage doors are locked. Do not keep keys hanging in the garage.
  • Turn on exterior lights.


Get into the habit #9pm routine!





What to say to a telemarketer:

  • Ask them how much their product will sell for on eBay.
  • Repeat everything they say until they ask you to stop.
  • If they ask why you are repeating them, tell them you are training to be a telemarketer.
  • Say “oh, I thought you were my ride.  Can you call me an Uber?”
  • Say “hey, great timing, can you settle an argument between my wife & me?”


~ Becky XO