We Need Love?
It’s been proven time and time again that humans are social creatures, and we thrive on social interactions. That love is a source of strength and motivation.

The Love Drug
Ever heard anyone say this before? Well, there is a lot of truth to it actually! When we love and are loved our body releases a variety of “feel good” hormones and actually change our brain composition over time. There are hundreds of articles about the science behind love                                               and studies that prove that love plays a part in health! Check out this list inspired by Sherry Rauh found on

8 Benefts of Love
1. People who are married or in a long-term relationship have fewer visits to the doctor and shorter
hospital stays.
2. A strong support system helps people manage stress better.
3. People who exhibit positive emotions are less likely to get sick after being exposed to cold and fu viruses.
4. Healing and recovery happens faster for people in healthy relationships.
5. People who are in a healthy marriage or long-term relationship live longer.
6. Members of loving families are happier. 7. People in healthy relationships are less likely to experience depression      and anxiety.
8. The “love hormones” can manage pain.

Buying Happiness
The idea that you can’t buy happiness has been challenged! In this TED Talk, Michael Norton tells us how you can actually buy happiness!



Happy February! This month is also Low Vision Awareness Month. Did you know we have a low vision reader at the
Senior Center? We do and members can use it any time during open hours! Want help getting started? Call me!
Kind regards, Julie Larson, Lead Case Manage



More Than Valentines
While this is the month of valentines and love, February is also American Heart Month, which is all about heart
health and spreading awareness of heart conditions. Heart disease is still the leading killer in the US, even beating out cancer. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss ways to keep your heart healthy!

Increase Your Physical
Activity. Go for a daily walk, join a local pool, or take up pickle ball! Physical exercise has countless benefts, and is
a key contributor to keeping your heart healthy. Any increased amount of exercise is good, so if you are someone that doesn’t get much, adding just one short walk a week into your routine can make a diference! Once you feel
comfortable with that, consider lengthening your walk or taking two walks a week and so on.

Stop Smoking. Even though when some of you were growing up we didn’t know the harm of smoking, we have decades of knowledge that smoking destroys your heart, among other things.
Drink Less Alcohol. Alcohol intake can lead to elevated blood pressure, damage to the heart muscle, and even increase your chances of getting cancer. Have you heard that “one glass of red wine is good for your heart”? In reality more often than not, one glass of red wine leads to another glass of red wine! You can get the same benefts from taking a walk!
The “D” Word As we all know, a significant factor in heart health is diet. If you truly want to keep your heart happy and healthy, check out these dietary changes that can dramatically increase your heart health!

Limit salt. A salty diet can lead to high blood pressure, which is a main risk factor for heart disease.
Limit sugar. Excess sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, blood vessel disease and heart disease.
Limit saturated fats. Saturated fats can be found in baked goods, margarine, dairy fat and most meats.
This type of fat can lead to blockages in your arteries.
Eat more fsh and plants. This can be a great way to swap out red meat!
Increase Vegetables. Wondering what side to get for your meal? Try a salad!
Treat yourself. Eliminating all “treats” or “the bad stuff” is not necessary and can cause you to eat more in the
long run. Instead, focus on portions and frequency. Speaking of eating healthier, have you checked out our Grab & Go meals that are catered by TNT Catering out of Middleton? Go to page 23!

Happy month two of 2023 everyone! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone already. A new year means new events at the Senior Center. I hope to see you down here!
Drake Deno, Case Manager