Update from the Director – July

Update from the Director – July

It’s nice to see so many smiling faces at the Verona Senior Center!   This month’s calendar is packed with a wide variety of activities.  Programs will continue to be offered both virtual and in-person.


In addition, this month we are adding live streamed events to our offerings. Whether you want to be more social or want to participate and don’t have the necessary technology, we are going to show many virtual only programs live at VSC. For more information see page 11.


Friendly Reminder:


Please sign up ahead of time for your favorite programs. Thanks for your assistance.


Kindness Matters:



Many of you have seen our yellow sign donated by the Verona Lions club that says “Be Kind.” This is such a wonderful message for our community. Check out a few simple ideas below that you can do to help spread kindness in Verona.


1. Donate blood.
2. Send a card to a friend or stranger.
3. Hold a door for someone.
4. Recycle old eyeglasses.
5. Read a book to someone.


Watch for more ideas on social media and in the August Chronicle.

Be well,
Stephanie Ehle, Director