Updates From the Director – January 2021!

Updates From the Director – January 2021!

Life is full of traditions, many of which have been handed down through the years between families and friends.  One common tradition is to make New Year’s resolutions, promises of actions to make ourselves “better”, “happier” or “healthier.” For example – “This year I will loose 20 pounds, quit smoking and run a marathon. .” Sound familiar?


While New Year’s resolutions may be helpful for some, most of us don’t reach our goals leaving us feeling defeated and perhaps worse than before we started.


This year as we continue to travel together into the uncertain future, I encourage you to take care of yourself while at the same time being gentle. Avoid the “I should” and the “I could” trap. For example, “I should loose 20 pounds.”


Perhaps instead of making a resolution this year, make a new intention for a healthy habit such as showering regularly, exercising often or trying a new healthy meal each week. Then write it down, share your idea with others who can support you and then take active incremental steps towards your goal. Remember, self-care is not selfish. When you feel good about yourself, it’s easier to carry on with daily life even during difficult times.


If you need ideas on how to get started, be sure to check out our wellness programs this month. If you need more support, call your case manager. We are here to help!

Screening Forms and Waivers

As COVID continues, VSC will continue to take precautions. A health screening tool and a liability waiver are required for participants for in-house programs. If you plan on attending any in-house activity, please arrive a few minutes early to fill out these forms. Thanks in advance for your help!


Stephanie Ehle, Director


Ways to Practice Gratitude –  
When times are tough it can be challenging to keep a positive attitude. Here are a few ways to cultivate gratitude and maintain a more positive outlook on life.


Keep a Gratitude Journal – 
Spend a few minutes each day jotting down three to five highlights which remind you of the gifts, grace, benefits, and good things you enjoy.


Come to Your Senses – 
Engage all your senses—the ability to touch, see, smell, taste, and hear to focus on and appreciate what an incredible miracle it is to be alive.


Make a Vow to Practice Gratitude – 
Making an oath and writing it down increases the  likelihood that the action will be executed. A simple oath such as “I vow to count my blessings each day,” can help remind you each day to be grateful.


Think Outside the Box – 
Make the most out of opportunities to flex your gratitude muscles by creatively looking for new situations and circumstances in which to feel grateful.


Take a Walk – 
Spend some time outdoors and practice gratitude for what you notice—the clean air, the blue sky, the warm sun on your face, and the rest of your surroundings.


Write a Note – 
Bring back the forgotten art of snail mail and send a handwritten note to a family member, friend or even a stranger. Imagine the surprise on your postal carrier’s face when they receive your note of appreciation.


Ponder Your Pet – 
Have you considered how much joy your pet brings to your life? Animal offers unconditional love through thick and thin. Give them an extra treat and extra love today.