Updates from the Director – January 2022

Updates from the Director – January 2022

Happy New Year!!!

Ringing in the New Year is certainly a welcomed cause for celebration. For many of us 2021 was another challenging year filled with some good and some bad. However, as we softly sneak into 2022 I hope we take with us the lessons we’ve been reminded of over the last two years.

Be kind.

– Give where you can…time, materials, money or other.
– People matter…family, friends and even strangers.
– Practice gratitude. Life is full of little miracles if you slow down to look.
– Try something new, you might just end up loving it.
– Self care is not self-indulgence, it’s a necessity.
– Nature is good for the soul and our mental health.

This time of year speaks to new beginnings, fresh starts and a time for reflection. I hope you take some time to reflect, refresh and renew your soul. If you need support, please know we are here.

Weather Reminders
The City of Verona believes that providing a public warming and cooling center during extreme temperature conditions will help protect citizens that would otherwise be exposed to those extreme conditions. Because of this, both the Senior Center and the Verona Public Library have been designated warming and cooling centers. Both buildings will be open even when the schools are closed. If the Senior Center does close we will update our website, phones, and social media as soon as possible.


Attention RSVP, Transit & Meals on Wheels Participants:
If you utilize the RSVP Program, the Transit bus or the Meals on Wheels program please make sure your driveway and the path to your front door is clear of snow and ice. If there is snow and ice your ride will be denied or your meal will not be delivered.

Words of Thanks!

Thank you to our small but mighty holiday decorating group. They did a wonderful job making our
center beautiful for the holidays. Also thank you to all who attended our Chili Supper. We served about 200 people and raised almost $1,000 for the Badger Prairie Needs Network!