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Virtual Activities & Items by the Senior Center

Virtual Exercise Classes


Join us virtually by participating in an exercise class on Zoom.

Please contact instructors to join.  Happy Exercising!


Tai Chi Balance w/Jody, Three in One Exercise w/Rachel, Home Goods-Use What You Have Workout w/Rachel.


Check out new YouTube Exercise classes! You can work out to these anytime.
Featuring some of your own Senior Center Staff.

This is the link to our YouTube Channel:


  •  Core w/Alasa
  •  Chair Yoga
  •  Core on the floor
  •  Home Goods workout
  •  Get up & Move Aerobics
  •  Chair Aerobics
  •  Gentle Yoga
  •  Movement Disorder/Parkinson’s class


NEW Zoom Personal Training


Looking for a new way to get fit? Try our new Zoom personal training
sessions with Rachel. Personal training offers individualized
program planning, assistance with goal setting, motivation, support and fun!
Fee for service appointments take place in your home with minimal
exercise equipment.

For more information email

How to Zoom

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{ Editor’s note 2: The link sent to me allows me to join a meeting directly.   … However, the link doesn’t always work … then you can open the app and join a meeting with the meeting ID and Password. }


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Connecting More with People You Love

Three Part Series
Thursdays January 5, 19, 26 – 2 PM


Are you feeling disconnected from the people you love and care about? Join Dara
Kurtz, podcaster and author for a wonderful three part series.


In this three session series you will:

  • Hear Dara’s inspiring story
  • Discover ways you can grow in relationships
  • Learn about four types of letters and the benefits of letter writing
  • Discuss family traditions, and how they connect the past to the future
  • The importance of forgiveness and the power of letting go
  • Identify what you want to “say” to the people you love


Gain a sense of peace from the experienceDara is a the creator of, and an author of
“I am My Mother’s Daughter: Wisdom on Life, Loss, and Love” and “Crush Cancer.”

Staying Healthy with Deliver Rehab – 2 Part Series

Thursday, January 7 and 29 – 2:00 PM


January 7: Staying Healthy in the Midst of a Pandemic

Join Sam Wernberg, PT, for an interactive discussion on various options and services
available virtually for seniors.


January 29: Falls and Optimal Aging

Join Sam Wernberg, PT, for a discussion on falls, body changes as we age, and how the two are connected.

Geology Virtual Bingo

Friday, January 8 – 12:00 PM


Join the UW-Madison Geology Museum for a fun geology bingo adventure!The bingo cards feature pictures of beautiful rocks, fossils and crystals from their museum, and will be a way to take a virtual “tour” of their exhibits.   Bingo cards are on page 26 of the Chronicle or click on the image to the right. –>


**Bingo cards will enhance the program, but are not required.

SSM Health 101


Monday, January 11 – 10:30 AM


This presentation will give an overview of SSM Health at Home. SSM services are available to everyone, not just SSM Health/DHP insurance beneficiaries with Medicare.   You have options!

Staying Well


Tuesday, January 12 – 1:00 PM


Based on more than twenty years experience as a certified Asian medicine practitioner and childbirth advocate, Jo Anne Lindberg is offering a class on health and well-being. JoAnne will discuss how we have the innate wisdom to know what is best for our mind, body, and spirit. She will provide tools that will help you explore your needs. Empower yourself and have fun while developing a self-care program that works for you. Start where you are and go from there!

Wisconsin Veterans Museum Presents:
Shield and Storm – Wisconsin in the Persian Golf War


Thursday, January 14 – 2:00 PM


On January 17, 1991, the combat phase of the Persian Gulf War began. Join us, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm, to hear stories ofWisconsinites that experienced it all firsthand. This presentation will be given by Kevin Hampton, Curator of History.

Optimizing Brain Health


Friday, January 15 – 11:00 AM


Do you ever wonder what happens to our brain as we age? Or is there a way to optimize the health of your brain? Please join Capitol Physical Therapy’s Dr. Tyler Harrington for a discussion on brain and cognitive health. He will cover normal aging of our brain, as well as exercises, tips, and tricks to improve and optimize our brain health as we age.

Travelogue with Kirsti Pope


Thursday, January 21 – 1:00 PM


Kirsti Pope finds work life balance through travel and photography. Wandering around the country and living from a converted van, she aspires to create well-being in mind, body, spirit.   By pursuing each wild possibility life serves up, she documents her adventures as they unfold.   Kirsti will tell stories about her travel adventures and share about a monthly Travel (Book) Club she will host starting in February 2021.

Beneficial Technology 2020

Never before has technology proven to be as beneficial as it has in 2020.


There are so many things that can be done on a tablet, smart phone or computer. Technology allows us the capability to stay in face to face communication with those we love during a difficult time, and while technology can never take the place of being able to give someone a hug, it helps to keep that personal connection all through video chat. In recent months, people have explored so many creative ways to keep one another socialized and connected, and we are all learning at the same time. Heck, even our medical practitioners are learning, making it possible to see your doctor from home. If you aren’t already using the technology that is available, give it some thought; there’s not a better time to learn and I can’t foresee any of these virtual options going away any time soon. Make a playlist of your favorite songs, watch your favorite program, play games, utilize social media, such as facebook to stay up to date with the pictures that your friends and family share. These are all just some things that can be done using today’s technology.


GrandPad is a tablet designed for seniors. It’s easy to see and to navigate, and you don’t need to have your own internet wi-fi, because it is built into the tablet. While I won’t endorse this product, I have heard good things about it. For more information about the GrandPad call 888-545-1425.


A tablet such as a Kindle Fire will begin at around $50 and will require wi-fi to utilize most of the interactive features, however, many places offer free wi-fi connection.


Technology does not have to be intimidating. If you are interested in learning about resources on where to purchase or how to utilize your device, give the senior center a call and we will direct you how to begin.

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