While most people think of
skin safety as only a summer
challenge, winter can wreak
havoc on the skin, too. From a
lack of moisture in the air to
exposure to cold, harsh winds,
developing a healthy winter
skincare regimen is essential.
This is especially true for those
who often have thinner, more
sensitive skin. As the largest
organ in the body, the skin
encompasses an average of
about 20 square feet! The skin
also fulfills a variety of
functions for the body:
-Secretes toxins through sweat
-Regulates body temperature
-Aids in synthesizing vitamin D
-Prevents loss of essential
bodily fluids.

5 Tips for Heathier Skin

1. Return moisture to the air. When the furnace in the house runs, it typically leads to
dryer air. Investing in a humidifier or two can help put moisture back into the air. It
also helps if you keep the thermostat set a little lower, such as 68 or 69 degrees. This
keeps the furnace from running as often.

2. Stick to shorter showers. A long, hot shower might sound enticing on a cold
winter’s day. Older adults with arthritis often say the warmth from a hot shower helps
reduce the pain in damaged joints. Unfortunately, the hotter the water temperature,
the more drying it is. Shorter, lukewarm showers are best when skin is dry or irritated.

3. Invest in a cream moisturizer. While lotions are usually fine during warmer
months of the year, a moisturizing cream might be better for winter. Apply it
every night at bedtime. The hands and face might need special attention as they are
exposed to the elements more. It may also help to wear plastic gloves while doing
dishes or cleaning the house.

4. Go fragrance free. Cleaning products with fragrances can be irritating to
dry skin. Opting for natural, unscented cleansers is likely a better choice. This applies to
everything from shower gel and shaving cream to laundry soap.

5. Layer on sunscreen. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean the sun is
no longer a threat. The reflection off snow can be especially bright. Sun damage
can occur all year long. Take time to apply sunscreen anytime
you are outdoors or riding in the car.

Skin isn’t the only part of the body that needs a little extra attention during the winter.
The immune system also needs an extra boost to fight off viruses that often make the
rounds. Keeping your immune system strong all winter can help you avoid getting bitten by
a bug.

Here are a few ways you can pump up your immunity:
-Have a flu shot
-Wash your hands often
-Eat a balanced diet
-Stay hydrated
-Get good rest


-½ cup jojoba oil
-½ tsp hempseed oil
-6 drops of essential oil of your choice
In a bowl, mix jojoba oil with hempseed oil and essential oils like
lavender, rosemary, peppermint or rose. Give it a good mix and gently
massage it on the face, hands or body. **All items can be found at
your local health store or on